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Name:LIM XUELI....
i currently studying at west view pri sch
primary 6
i m born on : 21/6/1996 ...
i love cute cute stuff ... n also nice thing !!!


*finish my PSLE examination
*have good result
*go to my fav sch
*have puppy

sweets melody

Wu Fa Gui Lei 无法归类 (FULL CD VERSION) album by Derrick Hoh


sim shuang
huiqi's sis


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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 @ 2:27 AM

Ello, 2day very boring day.Because cannot play all the time,then go cause way point liao jiu go lot 1.very sian nothing 2 buy and nothing to say liao.Byebyei.

Sunday, April 12, 2009 @ 3:51 AM

Ello,yesterday so happy.Because me & my mother the both of us went 2 bishan.&we went 2 a playing place forgot wad it called.We spend about $10 2 catch a miney mouse.After that we went 2 eat!!!The day before we went there we broad the wrong trian!!!Then when we went yesterday we finally got the right trian!!!So funny+bai wu long!!!When we went back is about 11.30pm & we were so tired!!!I think i have to contiune the next time!!!Byebyei

Thursday, April 9, 2009 @ 4:23 AM

Ello,just have our sport day 2day.Actually being a cheerleader is quite fun.Being a cheerleader actually got to put make-up.I think i look so weird with the make-up!!!Hahas,we won the cheerleading award and the house award so happy!!!My house is ROCK!!!We have a lot of practice!!!So triring,but when we won my house teacher were so happy!!!And yesterday we go through the step again and again the teacher want us to get the step right then she let us rest!!!So tried but fun we have a lot of lughter through our practice!!!If next year still got chance i want to go again!!!So fun+happy!!!Hehes.Yeah 2moro is good friday don't need to go school!!!I want to sleep already so byebyei.

Monday, April 6, 2009 @ 5:11 AM

On the 24-03-2009 that day was my happiest day because i change my phone!!!Hehes.Hahas.Hohos.I 2day go CO.I saw my god-sis,she was very unhappy.So i ask her y.She told my that 1 of her friend 'steal' her friend so i ask her who is it.U know wat she answer me???Next time than tell u.Diao!!! I feel that my 'sis' is very unlucky i hope i can help her with her troublesome thing & there is 1 very irrating person in CO,is a boy,nickname called lion.Me & my friend all hate him very much!!!Always bully us and always act cute + act smart lor.Lols.He is the first person i hate in this world!!!Really don't like the LION!!! Such a long time never keep in touch with all my primary school friend.MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!Hehes.Hahas.Hohos.REALLY LIKE TO SAY Hehes.Hahas.Hohos.At first i found it funny when i type it in my message.Hahas!!!& the LION got my handphone number when none of my friend told him so i really find it funny!!!Than when i take my attentends i finally know how he got my phone number because in the attentends lists!!! So irrating!!! & this week got 2day don't need to study because thursday we got sport day and friday is GOOD FRIDAY!!! & our class is going to the science centre 2moro.Hahas.I next time than contiune!!!Byebyei

Sunday, March 8, 2009 @ 1:41 AM

Ello,i haven tell ur wat is my blog rule's right???Now i will tell u.1. No copying of anything 2. If you are NOT HAPPY with MY blog than go away,if you like i welcome you. 3.No posting negetive comment ONLY positive comment.

Hope you are happy with my rules!!!If you are not than just go away. So i later than contiune writting.Byebyei

Thursday, March 5, 2009 @ 1:29 AM

Ello,just now called xi xiu she never answer then call hui qi she also never answer but she sms me back OMG maths de homework need 2 do from pg 1-65.Do untill siao also haven finish lor.2day our form teacher called all the black house de students 2 stay back just for the cheerleading!So sian.N our teacher change 4 about 2 weeks already,budden the new trianing teacher not good want lor!!!I later than contiune.Byebyes

Saturday, February 21, 2009 @ 9:59 PM

Ello,i finally can write agian hehes.I also have one new brother he is called ec.Shortfrom.Btw still don know we my primary friends cca is!!!Hahas.Yesterday go collect newpaper & unwanted cloth very triering my group collect the 5,6 and 7 floor but the 5 floor nobody answer the door!!!So sad but after we reach the 6 floor finally it got somebody open the door and the auntie give us alot of newspaper!!!So me & muiq (i think like that spell lor.)We carry the newspaper to the lift & it takes a long time to reach our floor when we reach teacher ask some of the boys to help us!!!The Yue chong never help us want lor!!!Then he keep running so irrating feel like killing him always hit my head!!!After we all have come to the meeting piont teacher ask us have we take our breakfast.We all say not yet.Than teacher say she buy prata for us & i also go with her!!!When we crossing the road the leaves drop and teacher say it is very beautiful.Then after we have finish our job we go back to school and eat the prata teacher bought for us!!!So yummy!!!After me and yi xian finish eating we go back together!!!So fun!!!After that when i reach home i rush to the bathroom & bath because i sweat a lot!!!So i next week that contiune writting because i still have homework haven complete so next week than contiune chatting.